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With the health crisis that we have been experiencing for several months, the business world is evolving, and tends towards outsourcing and teleworking .

Whether you are a business owner, a trader, a craftsman, a liberal professional, a company or a sole proprietorship, solutions must be put in place to evolve and remain competitive .

Administrative and commercial management represents a significant cost for companies.

This cost is even more important for small structures which do not have the means and resources to manage their accounts. However, this approach is essential for good account keeping and administration.

By outsourcing its administrative management, the SME then makes sure to be in conformity , relieves itself of a heavy burden, calmly delegates exchanges with the accountant , focuses on the essential, its core business , knows where it stands with its customers, suppliers, stock, profit, turnover, etc.

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You have no investment to make concerning the cost of a computer installation because Gestion17 has its own equipment.

Because each client is unique , each service is specific, Gestion17 strives to satisfy all professionals by offering them quotes tailored to their needs for tailor-made support, à la carte, on a monthly basis, your budget is under control.

Outsourcing your Administrative and Commercial Management is both time saving and a financial advantage because you have no constraints related to hiring, no social charges or paid leave, a simple invoice to pay like any supplier .

Gestion17 undertakes to respect the deadlines agreed between the two parties and will be held to the confidentiality of all documents made available to it.

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  • Fixed-rate or hourly pricing depending on the assignment (25 € for teleworking, between 30 and 35 € on site)

  • Monthly billing or at the end of services (after acceptance of a free estimate )

  • A first appointment, without obligation, can be arranged on site

in order to assess your needs in order to offer you tailor-made assistance.

  • No hiring formalities

  • No social contribution

  • Cost containment

  • No contract commitment

  • Savings on current charges

  • VAT not applicable according to article 293B of the General Tax Code

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Administrative management

  • Mail and email management

    • Entry and layout of documents (letters, reports, minutes)

    • Creation of standard documents - models

    • Mailing - Direct mail

    • Creation of tables and graphs

    • Creation of databases

    • Creation of advertising models

    • Creation of a website

    • Classification and archiving (physical and / or digital)

    • Planning management

  • Pre-Accounting

    • Preparation of documents for the accounting firm

    • Cost accounting

    • Revenue monitoring

    • Monitoring of unpaid bills

    • Monitoring of expense reports

    • Cash flow statement

    • VAT declaration

    • Bank reconciliation

Business management

  • Establishment of a purchasing management procedure

    • Tender procedures - Achievements and specifications analyzes

    • Selection of suppliers, subcontractors and service providers

    • Market discussion - Contract negotiation

    • Supplier monitoring and evaluations - Dispute handling

    • Implementation of quality controls - Réactovigilance

  • Order and stock management

    • Creation and / or update of files (customers, suppliers, products)

    • Massification and rationalization of consumption

    • Order processing procedures

    • Management of receipt to invoicing of supplier orders

    • Supply chain organization

    • Warehouse layout

    • Realization of annual or current inventories

  • Customer invoicing management

    • Make your quotes

    • Management of customer billing request

    • Make reminders and credit notes

This list is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact us for any task not mentioned.


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