Provision of Services for Individuals

  • Letters to Administrations and private organizations

  • Help with writing CVs and cover letters

  • Document formatting

  • Creation of online accounts (email, social networks, public services, taxes, banks, insurance, etc.)

  • Help with administrative formalities and setting up an internet account

(CAF allowance request, social security updates, scholarship request, electricity, water, tax returns, MaPrimeRénov ', ...)

  • Assistance with the subscription / termination of insurance contracts, internet, telephone

  • Support in your personal projects: request for quotes, search for service providers

  • Management of your budget (monitoring of payments and payment of your invoices, management of deadlines, tallying of your bank statements)

  • Accommodation Management: Rental monitoring, Receipt, Lease, Rental reminders

  • Individual Employer Management: Contract, Receipt, Lease, Rent reminders

  • Help with getting started with a computer (word processing, spreadsheet, internet)

  • Help with getting started with a tablet or smartphone

  • Filing and documentary archiving: filing plan, document scanning ...

  • Internet searches

  • Organize your photos and digital files

  • Backup of your data on computer support

This list is not exhaustive, do not hesitate to contact us for any task not mentioned.


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